My memory about Wenbo

Created by zlin 7 years ago
I started my study at University of Delaware in 1993 as a graduate student and a TA, one semester after Wenbo started his career at UD in 1992. I read an introductory story about him on the department News Letter before I met him. The story told that Wenbo won the Excellent Teaching Assistant Award from University of Wisconsin. I thought that was amazing because, in general, American students don't appreciate Chinese TA's Spoken English. I thought this new Chinese faculty member must have been very charming to win his student's heart. Indeed, after I met him, I found my guess was true. During those years, it was extremely difficult for Chinese new Ph.Ds in math to land a tenure-track job in a decent university such as UD because many famous Russian mathematicians took jobs in U.S. after the Soviets collapsed. I had a long conversation with Wenbo when two of us participated in the "Walk for Dimes" in 1993. We wrote a small check as donation to join this 10-mile long hiking around the City of Newark. We finished in less than four hours although we kept talking on the way. He told me a lot of about himself. Some of my memory fades with age, but it seems to me that he became a faculty member to teach at Jilin University right after he graduated with a BS in 1985. This does not agree with other friend's memory about him that says he was a graduate student there. If I am right, Wenbo must have been an outstanding student back in Jilin because in 1985, good universities in China like Jilin would not have hired a BS as faculty since graduate programs had started to produce MS or Ph.D., unless the BS was extremely good. His close friends may correct me.