Good Memories Last Forever

Created by gaoxuling 7 years ago
It has been four weeks since Wenbo passed away. It is still hard to believe what had happened. Wenbo and we met in 1986 when he was dating Sunny (向阳) and all four of us were studying at Jilin University, Changchun, China. One day, after Sunny and Xiaomei completed a final exam, four of us (the two pairs of lovers) had a dinner gathering at Wenbo’s place – a special place for Teaching Assistant (a privileged place at the time to allow some privacy). The food was prepared by the two young men, Wenbo and Xuling, using aluminum lunchbox as the frying pan . The meal was very simple and extremely delicious. We also had a bottle of red wine (通化红葡萄酒) which was a luxury treat back then. We cheered and wished each other to have bright futures. Then Wenbo went to the States, followed by Sunny in 1988. In the following years, we enjoyed learning and sharing life stories of each family through postal mails and phone calls. I still remember that I called them in 1992 shortly after I came to the States. They were out and Webo’s mother answered the phone. She told me with excitement that Wenbo had accepted the offer and would start his career at UD. In January 1996, we had our first reunion at their first house in Delaware and joined by Xiaomei Gu’s (顾晓梅)and Wei Han’s (韩卫)families. Since then, we have been sharing many memorable gatherings / vacations as a group of 7 families including Yu Li’s (李宇), Yuexia Liang’s (梁月霞), and Bowei Wang’s (王波维) families. The memorable events includes hiking in Pocono; 20 years of college graduation reunion in Changchun; 8 days of Carnival Cruise trip and snorkeling in St. Martin; numerous family gatherings during major holidays and surprising stop-by visits in the middle of trips; etc. At one gathering event, we even discussed about as a group, we should consider living in the same retirement village after all of us retired. Not long ago, Sunny and I just discussed about hosting a celebration event for our 50th birthdays as a group. With the loss of Wenbo, all of the future gatherings will not be the same anymore. Wenbo, we will all miss your jokes and laughter, your wisdoms and intelligence. We wanted to believe that Wenbo became the flying dragon that he dreamed to be when he was young. The flying dragon just started a new adventurous journey in a completely new world. One day, when we meet him there, he will share with us a lot of new things with excitement as he always did in the past. From Xiaomei (于笑梅)and Xuling (高旭岭)