A great university classmate, friend and role model

Created by pxsong 7 years ago
I have been completely stunned and lost in the past a few days. I still do not want to accept the truth of this news! Frankly I don’t know what to write, as there are so many stories about Wenbo to tell. As his university classmate, I lived in the same dormitory room with him for more than two years, and his bed was right above mine. As you may know, during our time of college, double-layer beds were the only type of bed provided by Jilin University. So, I was the person who often heard his snoozing that he always denied. For a long period of time, we invited each other to have a “luxurious” dinner in an on-campus dumpling restaurant at the day when one of us received allowances from parents. We were close friends and knew each other very well. He told me many secrets of his personal life, including his accomplishments in multiple high-level math contests as well as strategies to date girl friends. At that time, because he was one year older than me, I always felt that he was smart at everything, and he was my role model. He was so mathematically talented, and I believed that he can conquer all difficult problems in Probability Theory. So, I chose Statistics to study, where there may be some problems left for me to solve. At the end of day I think we both chose the right fields for our careers. He came to visit my family in Toronto in the summer of year 2000, with Sunny and James. That was an exciting visit by his family, as we hadn’t seen each other since 1985, the year of college graduation. My family was very grateful to him driving such a long distance from Delaware to Toronto. Over the past ten years or so, we occasionally met at professional conferences and updated each other about news concerning our families and university classmates. More importantly, I knew that in the recent years he spent significant amount of time in China on disseminating his research and training the next-generation researchers in Probability Theory. I admired him so much for such personal efforts on these matters. I was looking forward to some opportunities in 2013 to meet him again. But this would never be possible! Wenbo, being a strong man, your scholarly contributions to Mathematics and your life stories will be in our memories forever. Rest in peace! Peter Song