fuchang January 29th, 2013

Poem to remember Dr. Wenbo Li - by by Frank Gao, from Moscow Idaho -------------------------------------------- My sorrow is negligible compared with that of Sunny Who just lost her wonderful husband and life accompany My sorrow is negligible compared with that of Jimmy Who just lost his dearest father and best friend My sorrow is negligible compared with that of his aged parents Who had already suffered the loss of their only other son; Indeed, my sorrow is much lighter Because it is shared by his many friends From USA to China to German to Russia, all over the world Yet, the sorrow is still too heavy for my heart to withhold As Xia and Yimin sobbing at the other end of the phone line And Qiman mourning in Hongkong, I finally burst into cry--- No! Wenbo, you cannot leave now! I had planned to visit you in March And at your invitation, I will attend the Chengdu conference in June We just have some many things planned, You see, last night, I was still working on your conjecture on a Gaussian inequality. I remember you attracted me into the wonderful world of small ball when my son asked me how small a small ball is while playing his snow ball. I know you enjoy wine, and I often persuade you to drink less But tonight, I will buy you a bottle of Maotai And with a piece of napkin, we will discuss the small ball of Brownian sheet But, you have already left You have gone forever For the door of heaven is designed in such a way that Once you enter it, you are not allowed to come back I know you are enjoying all the wonderful peace in heaven But I just miss your smile In March when the soil gets warmer I will plant all the vegetable seeds you mailed to me As you see red-hearted Northeastern turnips growing in our garden I know you will be smiling